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Rare cases where WebbyMarket contact Webmasters

Sometimes to our effort to complete successfully all the tasks we described below we use some automated methods to speed up things. One of this method is the domain name registration. That means we auto-register domain names based on an extensive set of criteria we have already set.

As you understand there is no perfection to the auto-competition of this task. No matter how many criteria are in the algorithm, no matter how many sources they pull to correlate it’s nearly impossible to be flawless. We end up with many domains that we have registered and have no meaning for us and our customers (no seo juice, no exact match words maybe they’re .. etc)

So at these times we contact current Webmasters that maybe interested to get these names because we believe they will be more beneficial for them.

We don’t try to make money from this task.

In 99% of the cases to this price we include the registration/renewal cost that we pay to the domain registrar.

Usually we work with Sedo and pay their share to give them the name and make the whole process for us. The limitations at Sedo is 60 USD and 10-15% share on the sale.

URL1 :

URL2 :

If we put the cost to get and register the domains the total cost may be from 60-150 USD based on the services and the domain registries we used.

In rare cases it may end up to X000 USD but at these cases the domain has a real value but we may don’t have the right business to our portfolio to match it so at these times, yes, it’s a sale.

Are we 2, 10 or 100 people working here and what we do every day ?

We are an unconventional group of 5 people. We stated before that we don’t have free time for new tasks and the reason for that is because daily we :

1. Maintain a set of websites mainly e-shops. All these website are live and not a dormant set of webpages. We work as the outside partner of all these businesses and let the owner of the e-shop just get and mail his orders.

2. We delete, insert, consult and generally update weekly the websites owners regarding the progress of their websites.

3. We use MANY (and we mean MANY) of the current website opportunities, services, ideas that we believe will help the website we operate to get more traffic and money for their owners.

So basically that’s it. This is what we do. We have about 60-90 each one of us on a daily basis. If you think this number is small, especially if you compare it with today’s “standards” think again. Each one of us work 6-10 hours daily to be able to shift our tasks to the next day and start over again.

Sorry for the usage of the word “we” but we don’t know anyone else to describer what WE do :)

Why we’re on Tumblr and not on a “normal” website ?

It’s logical to wonder why we use a free service and why we “risk” to show tumblr logo to our customers. Especially because internet services (including hosting) is our main task.

Our reply is “Why not?”

As you may read to a post below we don’t use it as a promo tool. It’s a something like a blog with an added touch of some business aspects of our job.

We’re also tumblr fans.
We believe that tumblr is a sleek and sexy blog service, more than blogspot and wordpress and other online CMS services offer right now. The speed is fair, the interface helpful, the design nice which make a good overall.

It’s also an added attempt to “break” our image. We don’t need a nice, super cool, super responsive, super geeky visual shell to present (or overate) our capabilities. We don’t try to convince, we don’t try to sell from the main site (this one)

What is this WebbyMarket afterall ?

In the storm of numerous internet services we stand out from the rest by limiting our services only to a closed group of people that we know and worked before.

We decided that it was not possible to maintain the quality of our services if we didn’t limit the availability of new orders. That means that usually our customers are for life.

When these tasks form a pile it’s very difficult to find time to take new tasks.
This website represents our stand to this business decision and will not act like a promo tool.

Also from time to time because our customers are happy they introduce us to their leads together with their suggestion that we’re the right solution for them. This is the only exception to our rule.

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